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Written by Claudia Paige - Octopus RhythmWorks at The Rawlin At Riverbend, a Memory Care Community

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

First time at this memory care community! I love "firsts"! A wonderful welcome from the staff at the Rawlin. Everyone being helpful and grateful that we were there. The residents start watching us as we load in purple, blue and green yoga balls with black buckets, drumsticks and a container of Remo fruit and veggie shakers and misc. percussion. Introducing ourselves to the residents and they are eager to know why the big color balls? What are we going to do? We set up in a half circle with people facing me, 20+ people join. The program is a mix of gentle upper body exercises to start, healthRHYTHMS guided imagery, movement and silliness to following what I will be doing, my right right left left on the yoga ball to a variety of music. From Frank Sinatra to the the Beatles, Dion, Mamas and the Papas, Elvis, Peggy Lee, Sam Cooke and more... How fulfilling it is to see people tracking my right and left. Seeing certain songs come to life for them with memory. Remembering words and I am encouraging them to sing out. In between songs we do more upper body gentle stretches. I remind people to embrace the accidents. There is no wrong way here. This is about community and connection, drumming and having fun and the exercise for the mind, body and spirit happens... I watch a gentlemen not moving too much which is also okay. He hears and sees and then I see Lisa come over and sit on the floor and drum on the ball and then he starts drumming too. She is getting folks moving and going and they react with even more intent. I loved that Kate the Life Enrichment Coordinator also joined in. Program was a success today as I saw smiles and felt the energy and happiness.. There are always people at the end wanting to help with the packing up and so fascinated watching as Lisa puts the yoga balls back into the nets four balls long in her most awesome unique design. Many hugs later and clapping and thank you and we can't wait for the next time! #musicheals #drummingislife #seniorcare #memoriesforlife #octopusrhythmworks

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