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Bayberry Commons, Assisted Living & Memory Care
Bayberry Commons

"I couldn't say enough about the rhythm and healing program, they come in with a smile on their face and our residents at Bayberry Commons love them. There are residents here that can't wait until they get here. Every month they ask me at the resident council meeting, when's the drum lady coming back. They really help with their music and the drums to not only make exercise fun but to give them remembrance with the music choice".

---Rachel Culp,

Activities Director, Bayberry Commons

-Comments from RhythmHealing Participants-

"With Rhythm and healing drum class we are supplied with drumsticks and fun ball-like drums and also wonderful goodies but oldies music. As we begin to drum more residents join in with enthusiasm. When the drum class comes we always plead them to come again. It really helps me in a wheelchair. Thank you"!



 " I love the class, it just makes me want to get up and move. Thank you ! You make drumming fun".   


Evergreen Memory Care
"Claudia and her team are amazing! They come to our Memory care once a month and light up the whole atmosphere with their fabulous music classes! Everyone who has come to try the classes really enjoys themselves. It’s good exercise, great music, and tons of fun for all! I highly recommend these classes for any senior living/memory care".
---Chante Griffith,
Life Enrichment Director

Evergreen Memory Care
The Rawlin at Riverbend, a Memory Care Community
The Rawlin
"During and after Octopus RhythmWorks music healing our residents are energized and engaged in their environment. You can see the spark of joy. Our residents experience a sense of belonging and carefree fun".
---Kaley Thomas- Sarriera
Life Enrichment Director
"We loved having Octopus RhythmWorks bring their RhythmHealing drum program to The Rawlin. There was a lot of good moods and smiles after they left! It's hard for our residents to communicate when something has positively effected their day due to their short term memory issues. However we can always tell that they are more relaxed and in a better mood after certain activities and yours was definitely one of those"! 
---Kate Dudley,
Life Enrichment Assistant
“ Octopus RhythmWorks are some of the most energetic and passionate people I have ever met! And that energy transfers to our Residents here at the Rawlin. After every class, our residents have smiles and a relaxed happy energy throughout the rest of their day. It’s a wonderful way for them to spend the morning getting energized for the day or getting a midday energy boost.”
---Marren Hamilton
Life Enrichment Director
ElderHealth and Living 
“ All the residents at ElderHealth & Living look forward to Octopus RhythmWorks coming once a month! I’ve had residents come up to me asking “when are those drumming people coming back? “ Not only is it a very fun exercise class but it’s extremely therapeutic for them. After the class they are so joyful, and they seem very relaxed after. All the residents sing along and even the nonverbal residents hum along. All the staff and residents at EHL appreciate what all of you do and sharing your love for music with us!”
---Brittany Imes 
Recreation Coordinator 
Elderhealth & Living Community

 Octopus RhythmWorks supporters!

I seldom vocalize my support for charities unless I thoroughly check them out and believe in them.  Well I have checked out Claudia Paige and her team at Octopus RhythmWorks and am screaming at the top of my lungs “check them out & help them out”.  What they are doing for at-risk kids and elderly folks just warms my heart.  We all know the healing that takes place through the magic of music.  --Gina Schock, drummer for the Go-Go’s
Gina Schock
Narada Michael Walden
It was meant for me to meet Claudia Paige in her high school years as a drummer and lover of music. And here we are today turning the world on to music and passion! I absolutely believe in the healing that takes place through music. What Claudia and everyone at Octopus RhythmWorks is doing for at-risk kids, assisted living and memory care facilities and other marginalized communities is wonderful! --Narada Michael Walden, drummer, multi-platinum Grammy & Emmy winning producer 

"Music makes me happy.  Healing people makes me happy. When someone can use one to do the other, then I'm ecstatic!  Octopus RhythmWorks is doing important work.  They are working towards nothing less than survival of our species in the only way that is really effective - through healing people's mental suffering, whether from physical or emotional ailments.  They do this by using one of the most powerful forces in the world: Music."

-–Benny Rietveld, bass player for Santana

Benny Reitveld
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